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OK, so you made a mistake. This happens to a lot of people (especially in New Hanover County). You have a million questions and you have come to a good place to find some information. On this site we will break it down for you in a very basic way. If you have special circumstances or need more detailed information, please call our office and we can give you that information or get you to the best resources.

The Process:
- The DMV takes your license for 30 days. You are eligible for a limited driving privilege on the 11th day after your arrest. To get the limited privilege, you must have a DWI assessment, which Harvest provides.
- The assessment is a state mandated fee of $100. We are required to obtain a recent lifelong copy of your North Carolina driving record. You may bring a copy to your assessment or we can pull one for you. The assessment takes approximately 1 hour. You will be asked some demographic information and you will complete a written section asking you questions about your substance use. When these are completed you will be interviewed by a clinician. At the end of your assessment you will be given a treatment recommendation. The NC DMV requires that every person convicted of a DWI must complete a level of education or treatment to regain their driving privilege. A letter documenting your assessment completion is then faxed to your attorney so that you may obtain a limited driving privilege, if you are eligible.
- Your case may go to court right away or be put off for several months or even years. Your assessment is only valid for 6 months. If you fail to begin your classes within the six month time frame, you will be required to obtain and pay for a new assessment.
- If you are found not guilty, you are not required to complete the recommended treatment. If you are convicted of your DWI, you are required to participate in the treatment if you wish to drive a motor vehicle in North Carolina. You may be given a limited driving privilege which is valid for 1 year from your conviction date. You have this time to finish your recommendation. If you have not done so by the expiration of your limited privilege, you will not be able to drive a vehicle in North Carolina.
- Recommendations range in price and length. The following are the levels of treatment and a brief description of what they entail and the requirements for eligibility.
      - Alcohol and Drug Education and Traffic School (ADETS)- 16 hours/5 sessions. State curriculum for first time DWI offenders that do not meet diagnostic criteria for substance abuse, did not refuse to blow, and have a recorded BAC of .14 or less. Harvest provides ADETS about once per month from Monday to Friday from 6-9pm. This schedule is subject to change for demand.
      - Short-Term Outpatient Treatment- 20 hours/7 sessions. For offenders who refused to blow, blew over .14, met criteria for substance abuse, have a prior DWI conviction, or previously completed ADETS. Groups are available Monday through Thursday from 6-9, Thursday mornings from 10-1, and Saturday mornings from 9-12. Groups must take place over a minimum of 30 days, per DMV requirements.
      - Long-Term Outpatient Treatment- 40 hours/14 sessions. For offenders that meet diagnostic criteria for substance dependence or previously completed Short- Term Outpatient Treatment. Groups are available Monday through Thursday from 6-9, Thursday mornings from 10-1, and Saturday mornings from 9-12. Groups must take place over a minimum of 60 days, per DMV requirements.
      - Intensive Outpatient Treatment- 90 hours/varies. For offenders who are in active addiction or have previously completed Long-Term Treatment. Must participate in group and individual counseling, attending 3 times per week for no less than 90 days, per DMV requirements.
      - Inpatient Treatment- For clients who are in active addiction and need medical assistance or detoxification. Harvest does not provide inpatient treatment, but we will provide you with a list of local and state providers and make a referral.
      - After-Care Treatment- 20 hours/varies. Follows inpatient treatment. Total treatment time can be no less than 90 days (from beginning of inpatient to cessation of after-care).
- Upon completion of treatment we will need a copy of your Judgment/310. This is what the Judge signed the last day you were in court, stating you were found guilty of a DWI. Once we receive this paper, your information is submitted electronically to the DMV and is usually reviewed within 24 hours.
- Once your suspension period is over, you can go to the DMV and get your license. You will need $100 for the reinstatement fee. There may be additional service fees.

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